[NetBehaviour] Dec 1: Neuhaus, Interactive Sound Network

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Thu Nov 30 23:24:04 CET 2006

Hello NetBehaviour!

Friday Dec 1 Participate Online!
USA: 6 -11pm EST
Go to http://www.auracle.org and
log into Auracle - broadcast though
the Art Gallery of Knoxville exhibition.

Dec 1 - 23: The Art Gallery of Knoxville is proud to present the
Networks of acclaimed sound artist Max Neuhaus.

Opening Party and Auracle Internet Jam: Dec 1 (6-11pm EST)
(Please join in the exhibition online at Auracle.org)

The public is encouraged to participate with the exhibition
through Auracle.org - starting Dec 1 all sounds on Auracle
will be broadcast through the gallery space.

"The Networks propose the self-evolution of new musics.
Their premise is a  form of music-making which remains now
only in societies untouched by modern civilization.

Rather than something to be listened to, music in these cultures is an
activity open to the public at large – a dialogue with sound rather
than a performance. I believe this to be the original impulse for
music in mankind."  -Max Neuhaus

Max Neuhaus has worked in the fields of contemporary art and
music for more than 40 years. He is credited with being the first
to extend sound as a primary medium into the field of
contemporary art.  His work has been exhibited internationally
in museums and galleries, including exhibitions at the Dia Art
Foundation, New York; the Museum of Modern Art, New York;
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Musée d'art
moderne de la ville de Paris; and the Kunsthalle, Bern.

The Networks of Max Neuhaus are both a tremendous
experiment in new sound – and an early example of Network Art.

Max Neuhaus: "It grew out of an interest of mine in the potential
of music-making with the lay public over networks. The first
realization in this direction was Public Supply in 1966. … Over
the next decade, I gradually developed this concept with other
realizations and finally in 1977 realized Radio Net, a two-hour
nationwide radio event where ten thousand people played a
cross-country instrument with their voices. … In 2000 I realized
that I could do it on the web…."

"Auracle is a networked sound instrument, controlled by
the voice. It is played and heard over the Internet. Anyone
can use it by simply launching it in their web browser at
www.auracle.org and creating sounds unaccompanied or
with other participants in real time.."

An exhibition of these Networks, featuring the online tool Auracle,
will be on display during the month of December at the Art Gallery
of Knoxville.  The Networks (or broadcast works) are systems, "
virtual architectures," which act as a forum open to anyone for the
evolution of new musics.  Auracle, the most recent Neuhaus
network, is an online tool available at Auracle.org - visitors to the
Auracle website may experience the artwork 24 hours a day, seven
days a week.  During the month of December Auracle will become
an active sound, broadcast through the Art Gallery of Knoxville space.

Please participate with this exhibition through Auracle.org –
starting on Dec 1 all sounds on Auracle will be broadcast live in the
Art Gallery of Knoxville space.

For Additional Information: http://www.max-neuhaus.info/

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Knoxville, TN 37917
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