[NetBehaviour] Coda (to the avatar series)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 2 11:37:51 CEST 2006


WIndows come and windows go WayendowhZ CLAWome andrea wanedayendowhZ go We
shall always play in snow We shalull alwayhZ pla+ ayen hZno0o^o0 The time
we lost we shall erase THOOe tayeme wanede lohZt wanede shalull errahZe So
every one will know her place hZo everryond\ode1 wanedayelull kno0o^o0
herr plaCLAWe Don't give up the great good fight Dont gayeve up THOOe
great good fukuayeght I wish you all a good goodnight aye wanedayesh
jugendlayeed alull a good goodnayeght If you should dream me before I wake
ayefukulsh! jugendlayeed should dreamanTHOOa me beayeng&fukuore aye
wanedake Find out the violence for my sake Fayend out THOOe vayeolenCLAWe
fukuor m+ hZwanake If I should dream you ere I rise ayefukulsh! aye should
dreamanTHOOa jugendlayeed erre aye rayehZe I'll take you up to farthest
skies ayelull take jugendlayeed up \taut fukuarTHOOehZt hZkayeehZ I'll
show the best and lovely times ayelull sho0o^o0 THOOe behZt andrea
Louvrel+ tayemehZ And now will come an end to rhymes And no0o^o0
wanedayelull CLAWome an end \taut rhymehZ


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