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Sebastian Bomar arcticacre at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 17:11:27 CEST 2006

As a part of the Art of the Animal Symposium, 27-28 November, Gold Coast,
Australia (conference
we are curating a companion net-based digital art exhibition. *This is a
juried exhibition with prizes for the top three artworks in each category
(prizes to be announced, but expect the unusual).*
* For more details:  http://www.eagleandowl.com/animalartcall.html
*Theme of Exhibition:*
In order to compliment and expand on the discussions/papers presented at the
symposium, all artworks should be related to or address in some way one or
more of the following inquires (or convince us otherwise)

   1. If animals were to create with digital tools what would they
   create? How would they create?
   2. Digital Artworks inspired by animal creativity, or the creations of
   3. Relate animal and human creativity/art. Should we even have such
   4. Digital Artworks which explore how we perceive animal creativity.

*How to Submit: *Deadline: November 6, (artworks will be reviewed as they
are received)

All artworks submitted should be web ready and be sent via a URL that
contains the artwork.  Public tools such as youtube or flickr are fine for
the jury process

Send an e-mail with the following to both addresses:


   1. Artist(s) name, affiliation, contact details and a brief bio.
   2. Title of Artwork, URL for jury review, and one paragraph
   description of how the artwork relates to the exhibition themes.

cheers, Sebastian Bomar
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