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this looks great :-)


>        4 days of studies and debates about theories and practices of
>        brazilian digital media
>“what we really want, actually, is that the ideas become dangerous again”
>The first Submidialogy conference, that took place in Campinas, Sao
>Paulo, in October 2005, was derived of cooperation between India,
>Netherlands and diverse Brazilian groups. It was a joining of
>independent projects, the third sector, governmental, artistic and
>experimental to an international network of collaborators, searching
>above all to bring these different experiences to the acknowledgment.
>This year, it becomes an open festival, with lectures, production
>laboratories, fm radio broadcast, television, the Internet and the
>delicious chat with cacha among @ll submiditics.
>Submidialogy <http://submidialogia.descentro.org/> will aggregate talks,
>production and collaborative learning, as well as music, free radio, vj
>and independent media. These are some of the typical ‘tastes’ that could
>be appreciated - without moderation - during the second edition of the
>Another characteristic of this festival is to investigate the social,
>cultural and political possibilities of the digital media, besides
>fomenting the dialogue (in)existent between theory - the scope of ideas,
>and the practices - the scope of actions.
>As much subject as much format are still under construction, but are
>suspended in the convergence among culture, communication, resistance,
>re-signification, media, technology, art and tactics. In the
>construction page and by the dicussion list, you can take part of it. We
>invite you to help to organize this subversion and thus to share our
>ideas in different contexts and times, aiming future perspective,
>exchange of experiences, concepts, critical production and, mainly, fun.
>If you wish to take part of this mess, sign up to the discussion list!
>Don’t get shy in forwarding this invitation to other people that would
>be possible interested.
>When: October 12, 13, 14 and 15th 2006.
>Where:Mercado da Ribeira - Centro Luiz Freire - Casa do Turista / Olinda
>For more info visit Submidialogia <http://submidialogia.descentro.org/>
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