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marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Oct 2 21:30:11 CEST 2006

- --- Out of the Box 3 ---


Saturday 7th October 14:00 ? 18:30

As part of the month long celebration of cultural diversity in Southend
MediaShed will be a hosting a drop in day of Mongrel activity showing
artwork & installations from around the world and launching the long
awaited CD of SkintStream CD mastered by Nik from Cue Music,

The SkintStream CD features:

    * Container Project - Clarendon (Jamaica)
    * Sound Kitchen Studio/MMC - Johannesburg (South Africa)
    * NostalgieYaMboka - London (UK)
    * Cue Music at Southend YMCA - Southend (UK)
    * Regent Park Focus - Toronto (Canada)

SkintStream is a network to connect audiences and cultural spaces
previously separated by economic, geographic and political factors. The
use of streaming technology over existing infrastructure allows us to
start a conversation between spaces separated by different types of
distance. Passing the mic around allowed us to reflect on the cultural
space each sound is coming from? And ask questions like: is geographic
isolation a factor in cultural expression? what does it mean to be
culturally remote in an electronically networked world? can we still
think of ourselves as being in margins or centers when digital
technologies allow us to bridge distances and make our own connections?
can live, technologically mediated experience ever substitute for
face-to-face communication?



Saturday, 14:00 ? 18:30

Unit 38, Grainger Road Industrial Estate,

Southend on Sea, SS2 5DD

T: 01702 460590

A map is available at http://www.mediashed.org/?q=whereweare

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