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Please feel free to spread the word widely:
The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is inviting an open call for special issues / papers to be published in 2007/8. LEA is an international peer-reviewed e-journal published by MIT Press since 1993. 
The LEA Editorial Board seeks proposals for:
* Special Issues: To guest edit a special issue/s around any established or emerging topic area. The special will give you an opportunity to work with LEA, its peer-review network and experts in the field to publish critical essays, artist statements, produce bibliographies and academic curriculum. 
* Theoretical Discussions: *Original* essays documenting research, critical commentary in areas of discussion such as nanotechnology, cyberart, cyberfeminism, hypertext, robotics, bio-art, artifical life, genetics. This list is by no means exhaustive, and proposals need not be limited to these areas. 
* Artists Statements / Gallery Commissions: International artists are encouraged to submit statements or proposals for *original* for exhibiting new media artwork. Curators are welcome to propose thematic exhibitions. 
LEA encourages international artists / academics / researchers / students / practitioners / theorists to submit their proposals for consideration. We particularly encourage authors outside North America and Europe to submit essays / artists statements. 
Proposals should include:-
- a 150 - 300 word abstract / synopsis detailing subject matter
- a brief bio (and prior works for reference).
- names of collaborators (if suggesting a thematic issue / curated gallery) 
- any related URLs
- contact details
We also welcome all collaborative ideas, suggestions and proposals from individuals as well as organizations.

Please send proposals or queries to:
Nisar Keshvani 
Leonardo Electronic Almanac
info at leoalmanac.org
by 1 December 2006. (Pls note - Response to proposals may take up to 4 - 8 weeks. 
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted).
Useful URLs
LEA Current Issue: http://leoalmanac.org/
Gallery: http://leoalmanac.org/gallery/index.asp
Archives: http://leoalmanac.org/journal/index.asp 
Resources: http://leoalmanac.org/resources/index.asp
Contributor Guide: http://leoalmanac.org/cfp/submit/index.asp 
About: http://leoalmanac.org/about/index.asp
What is LEA?
Established in 1993, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is the electronic arm of the pioneer art journal, Leonardo - Journal of Art, Science & Technology. 

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), jointly produced by Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST), and published by MIT Press, is an electronic journal dedicated to providing a forum for those who are interested in the realm where art, science and technology converge. 

For over a decade, LEA has thrived as an international peer reviewed electronic journal and web archive covering the interaction of the arts, sciences, and technology. On average 5 - 10% of manuscripts received are eventually published . LEA emphasizes rapid publication of recent work and critical discussion on topics of current excitement with a slant on shorter, less academic texts. Many contributors are younger scholars, artists, scientists, educators and developers of new technological resources in the media arts. 
Contents include profiles of media arts facilities and projects, insights of artists using new media and feature articles comprising theoretical and technical perspectives. Curated galleries of current new media artwork are also a regular feature, and occasionally, LEA publishes special issues on topics such as locative media, new media poetics, and wild nature and the digital life. 



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