[NetBehaviour] Geotagging Photos.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Oct 9 12:59:18 CEST 2006

Geotagging Photos.


Now that I have a GPS, I can have some fun with hiking and photography. 
The idea is to record my position on the GPS while hiking (i.e., the 
tracklog). This will provide me (and others) with a good record of 
different hikes. In addition, I can pinpoint the location where I took 
photographs and hence tag the photos with those coordinates (i.e., 

Here is the procedure I use for the purpose:

1. Set the GPS tracklog setting. My GPS allows time, distance and auto. 
Time and distance options are for specifying the time or distance 
respectively after which the GPS position should be recorded in the 
tracklog. Auto mode tries to determine the optimal interval 
automatically, though Garmin does not provide any information about how 
it determines the optimum interval. The preferable mode is specifying 
the time interval. If you are walking, then a time interval of 6 seconds 
should give you maximum accuracy and in my case the tracklog won’t fill 
up to its maximum of 10,000 points for about 17 hours. This just needs 
to be decided on once.

2. At the start of the hike, set the camera clock to the time from the 
GPS. You can either use UTC (popularly known as GMT) or your local time 
zone. I prefer to set the camera to UTC since then I don’t have to get 
into the hassle of changing camera time at the end of daylight savings 
or when I travel.

3. Sometimes, I also like to take a photograph of the GPS screen with 
the time showing so that I can later compare the difference in their clocks.

4. Reset the tracklog.

5. Mark waypoints on the hike for features, like parking, trailhead, 
scenic view, waterfall, etc. Write some shorthand in the waypoint name 
on the GPS to remember the reason later.

6. Take photographs whenever I feel like it.

7. Go home and upload the waypoints and tracklog from the GPS to my 

8. Upload the photographs from my camera.

9. Run RoboGEO to geotag the images and create a Google map.

10. Use GPS Visualizer to create an elevation profile for a hike.

11. Upload everything to my web server.

One thing I also want to do is to create a database of the tracklogs of 
trails which I hike. For this purpose, I will be providing you the GPX 
file for my hikes here. However, it would probably be a good idea to 
upload them to public repositories of trails. Does anyone know any such 
good sites?


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