[NetBehaviour] Data vapour 18.10.06

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Oct 19 11:42:38 CEST 2006

Data vapour 18.10.06

The Circle Project is a set of process drawings using a compass and 
felt-tip marker pen. Richard Sarsons drawings are a product of the 
necessity to organize things especially shapes. ‘The appearance is 
determined by the coloured pens used, the amount of circles and distance 
between each compass point.’

Michael Wolf’s photography of Hong Kong’s architecture is not to be 
missed. The perspective in these pictures is often flattened revealing 
linear repetition and geometric patterns inherent in the structures. The 
multitude of surfaces, windows and balconies and their subtly differing 
colours, hint at the facades of early super computers.

Miniorgan is a shrine to rare and vintage electronic toys with a 
particular focus on 70s and 80s electronic musical instruments. The site 
also includes a listening area, where you mix the sounds of a few of the 
different machines together.


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