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The Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, open to all forms of artistic research,
has decided to include social and cultural activism in its premises. The
Dis-orders exhibition, which was created in collaboration with the Youth
Politics and Communal Peace Council Office in Venice, focuses on the
artistic practices which confront political and economical issues
generated by contemporary society.

The exhibition will concentrate especially on concepts of power, of
control, of limitations of freedom; themes which have began increasingly
intense debates and considerations of the role of art itself. There will
be videos, maps, prints, sculptures, expos and documentaries which have
been created by eight different artists. The exhibition will be run side
by side by a three day workshop led by Spanish artists from the
Hackitectura, Indymedia Estrecho and Fiambrera Barrica groups.   All the
participants are showing their work as activists first, rather than just
mere artists.

Even if radical activism is made up of a variety of notions, it still
creates disorder. This mines the official claims, unsettles the ashes of
social peace which broods over the fire of battle, and recognises the
bloody origin of institutional order.  In overthrowing famous assumptions,
it states the firm belief in the fact that politics can be interpreted as
the continuation of war through other mediums.

It is this war which must be brought to light. The amount of suppression
which is the foundation of our Western society, hidden beneath official
speeches, masked by the presumed neutrality of law, is brought to light by
the activist.

The activists are Partisans, in the sense that they have chosen on which
side they are on and as a consequence of this choice they live in

For the artists and participants of DIS-ORDERS, art, and more generally
speaking, culture,  are instruments of conflict;  weapons.

Obviously the use of these weapons is defined, looking back at the past,
by the current state of prevalence of cognitive capitalism and the
integration of the artistic context (or discussions) inside the larger and
more articulated production networks, which have become much vaster than
they were a few years ago.

The DIS-ORDERS artists have taken on modernised strategies in order to
continue to not give in to the pacification of galleries and museum spaces
(GLR), to the prevalently ontological mission of works of art (Nemanja
Cvijianovic), to the presumed satellite objectivity of cartography
(Hackitectura, Indymedia Estrecho, Fadaiat), to the patina of the cultural
industry (Serpica Naro), to the auto-referencing of the art world (Andrea
Morucchio), to the touristy routine of art cities
(Trash Band), to the decline of University research in Italy
(Uninomade), to the pro-government attitude of informative mediums
(Global Project) and the apparent technical neutrality of an English
manual (Giuliana Racco).

This is the list of artists involved:

GLR (Spain)
Nemanja Cvijanovic (Croatia)
Serpica Naro (Italy)
Uninomade (Italy)
Global Project (Italy)
Javier Toret Medina (Indymedia Estrecho, Fadiaiat) (Spain)
Jose Perez de Lama (Hackitectura, Fadiaiat) (Spain)
Santiago Barber (Fiambrera Barrica) (Spain)
Andrea Morucchio (Italy)
Trash Band (United States of America)
Giuliana Racco (Canada)
Gaston Ramirez Feltrin (Mexico)

Palazzetto Tito

25th of October 2006 to the
19th of November 2006

Opening Hours:
12:00 - 18:00
Closed Tuesdays

Opening night:
Tuesday 24th October at 6.30 pm

Press Office:
Giorgia Gallina, Valentina Silvestrini, Giuditta Crovato

press at bevilacqualamasa.it

Marco Baravalle

Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa
tel. 041/5207797
tel. 041/5208879
fax 041/5208955

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