[NetBehaviour] NIAF 2006: The state of animation.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Oct 29 18:22:16 CET 2006

NIAF 2006: The state of animation.

by marius watz.

I have just returned from the Norwich International Animation Festival 
(NIAF), where festival director Adam Pugh had been courageous enough to 
present generative art and kinetic sculpture as part of the festival. 
Interestingly, the claim “I am not an animator” was often heard during 
the festival, pointing perhaps to a problem of positioning versus an old 
craft. The juxtapositions created by the festival made this dilemma all 
the more interesting, for instance as seen in the programme of abstract 
videos presented by Dietmar Schwärzler from Sixpack Films, with much of 
the work relating to the Austrian Abstracts blogged here recently.

Two panels on generative art were also presented. The first, chaired by 
Helen Sloan of SCAN, was an attempt at placing generative art in the 
context of animation. The panelists were Leonardo Solaas (creator of 
Dreamlines), Paul Smith Vicky Isley of Boredomresearch and myself. No 
real conclusion was reached, as none of the three participants would see 
their work as relating to conventional animation. Nevertheless, the 
inevitable time-based and performative nature of software does imply 
that ideas from animation could have an impact on the work.


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