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carlos katastrofsky carlos.katastrofsky at gmx.net
Thu Sep 7 10:15:36 CEST 2006

the mp3 of the talk is here:

On Thu, 07 Sep 2006 00:13:25 +0200, Mark Hancock <mark at memecortex.net>  

> All,
> did anyone else attend this years Ars Electronica event in Austria? If  
> so, I'd be interested in knowing what people thought of the Placing  
> Re:Placing Media Arts talk hosted by Andreas Brockmann?
> An attempt to gather together various theorists and curators and other  
> 'worthy' people, to try to understand the present state of Media Arts,  
> and question why the mainstream art world wasn't taking Media Arts  
> seriously (!).  I felt the talk became too much of a desperate cry for  
> the attention of an older parent. Rather than getting on with what is  
> happening within the media arts scene and enjoying the 'privileges'  
> afforded by not having to contend with the issues that come with so much  
> mainstream arts, (such as ‘high’, ‘low’ brow, or the difficulties of  
> navigating the marketing/sales system of many galleries etcetera  
> etcetera) It seems that many want to take these issues on as well.  
> Surely the beauty of media/digital arts is that they are attempting to  
> bypass these old structures? Attempting to invent new ones?
> Also, post-conference, there was discussion of what constitutes good  
> media arts anyway? I'm certainly on a continuous path to understanding  
> that myself.
> Mark
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