[NetBehaviour] The body/works

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Sep 10 09:37:38 CEST 2006

The body/works

These works characterize anomalous space whose worlding is internal, by
which I mean there are no external relations, only the body generating its
own skein, represented by markers situated at the nodes of motion capture
technology. The shuddering of the space is the shuddering of the body; the
emblems of the space constitute the space in its entirety - there is
nothing else; what you see as background is designed for visual pleasure
alone. Now you will notice that bodysphere is ragged; this is the result
of considerable compression, bodysphere being a production of quaggy, that
is, quaggy mapped onto a sphere which then moves/motivates as nodes are
distended, memories of a totality, 3-dimensional Jordan surface, or
perhaps given the break=throughs, multiply-connected toroi of which the
sphere is only the visual external remnant, already penetrated. Penetrated
by what? By the very nature of digital motion capture, which as in all
things digital, requires both raster and bandwidth, as well as tolerance -
here what are absent are the entrances and exits of body tubes, holes in
other words, as well as those details which, for us, create the semblance
of both sentience and physique. In these spaces, only crudely represented
in a 3-space mapping into 2-space, something new is being born: the world
as representation, not will, the hollowed world of virtual skeins which is
already our future anterior; we are what we will become; these are blown
images, imaginaries, as flat as the bytes from which they are visually
constituted; these are, literally, all that there is, eyes and ears, touch
and taste, scent and smell, within. Within, without, there is no symbolic,
no difference, no differance. The future is here, one's memory.


still up - http://www.track16.com/exhibitions/embedded/index.html

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