[NetBehaviour] [new work] webflaneur by A Abrahams and C Charmet

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Mon Sep 11 12:09:36 CEST 2006

Webflâneur 4.0


Annie Abrahams & Clément Charmet

- - -
"A kind of compressed browsing, like sometimes those dreams, that
condense the weight of a whole day in a single action, in which
everything gets mixed." (Xavier Malbreil)*

"This feeling of "watching the cache" of our browser (the hidden ?)"
(Luc Dallarmelina)*

"A discovery tool that brings us back to the earlier ages of the web,
when "flaner" was still possible." (Xavier Malbreil)*

- - -
[If your stroll is very slow, please try another URL or come back at
another moment of the day or find a faster connection.]
- - -
extra info:
Trotting the web guided by a travel software, going from one page to
another without doing anything at all, immersing the data flow while
observing its interior structure. Going in all directions, losing
oneself, finding unexpected relations and gigantic domains that stick,
places from where you can hardly escape.
To stop and consult the list of the pages you visited, to have its
plan, to be able to choose again.
Having a possibility to generate at any moment a unique Mashup
controlled by a random script. Images, texts, videos and sounds
collected during your visit form an orgiastic collage.
- - -
* all quotes from e-critures mailing list :

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