[NetBehaviour] net.weight project recently set up by Rich White.

rich white rich at counterwork.co.uk
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I like the combination of actual locality and virtual locality. I feel
we develop a familiarity with the systems we use - the interfaces that
particular websites present to us. when they change we feel a bit lost:
they become unfamiliar, they lose their 'local' feeling. (for example:
the company that provides my webmail recently changed hands. they've
rebranded the whole thing and at first it no longer felt like 'my'
I think this familiarity informs the way we navigate the web. as you
said james, we are not bots and there are links we don't click on for
ages. could this be because of our individual methods of using webpages?
only using familiar devices or not feeling compelled to explore sites
that don't adhere to our sensibilities?
the fact that a server could be on the other side of the world makes no
difference to how we assess a web page, we accept that the data is right
there, in front of us, in our room. it's 'locality' depends on its
usability perhaps?



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I don't admit to believing what I'm about to say is in the least bit
original, nevermind.  I always feel some sense of locality from the
sites/lists/forums I habituate, sometimes in connection with my website
or email, or avatars on forums, my virtual ID then. The sense of
locality is probably entirely imaginary, but is interesting to think of
it in combination with the servers locality. Virtual local virtuality,
stretching around the world. How could you map peoples ideas of the
localness of the... --/virtual/-- ...websites they habituate, kind of
like world mapper but using something probably entirely imaginary?
Personally, I'm not even gonna try to think about that :)

There was a net art piece showing sites and/or IP addresses in the
'neighbourhood'  hosted virtually on the same server.  How could you
visualise peoples sense of the connections between sites? People are not
like googlebot or msnbot. There is always links I ignore for months on
end, and then one day a whole new corner of the net is opened up to me.
Maybe you could write a netweight ]spyware[ program to follow people
about the net and create a sculpture of netbehaviour?


On 12/9/2006, "rich white" <rich at counterwork.co.uk> wrote:

>cheers for the link marc.
>I'm afraid I haven't added anything to it for a while. I'm hoping to 
>get it going again by the end of the month. comments would be 
>appreciated in order to get my arse motivated ;-)
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>net.weight project recently set up by Rich White.
>On my internet Travels, I have just noticed a curious project by one of

>our Netbehaviourist's. (marc)
>It is called 'net.weight'.
>It is initiated and administrated by rich white.
>its purpose is to act as a sounding board for ideas about the internet 
>as a sculptural entity. Discussions could revolve around such topics as

>the size and mass of the internet, sculptural visualisations (literal, 
>metaphorical etc...) and the sculptural methods used in creating 
>net-based artworks.
>the only rules are:
>- keep it on topic.
>- keep it clean. unless, of course you can justify it.
>- keep it professional, this is not a platform for grudge matches and 
>- the administrator reserves the right remove any posts deemed to break

>the above rules.
>go and have a browse, even join in on the discussions:-)
>Main page: http://www.counterwork.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/net.weight/
>About: http://www.counterwork.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/net.weight/about.htm
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