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Hi James,

Well - I think that we can enjoy creating in other mediums as well as 
net art.

A while back, I created a web site of sketches consisting of work from 
1986 to 1990...

even the web site now seems from another era.

tomorrow's insecurity
"sketch pads created by marc garrett during 86-90."

These images, notes, poems & rants are all from a 4 year period of my 
life, 1986 to 1990. This was a crucial stage for learning. It comes from 
a philosophical place & questions life, Art, Insanity, Security, 
Institutions & many other things. They are from sketch books & note pads 
that I have always carried around with me. On this site there are 
numerous thoughts & images, questioning situations, events, personal & 
political etc...


I wonder if anyone else on here has stuff that they can show (links to) 
before they explored net art, or related creativity? Hell, we could have 
an online exhibition of web art by net artists before they suddenly 


 >Painting is hard
 >Painting is hard, that is, it don't make me a hard man just cos I paint.
 >It's difficult, especially when you're not as good as you think you
 >should be, to be an ARtist. Especially when you insist upon pursuing
 >some vision of a personal abstract visual language arising through
 >randomness, perhaps even the sub-con-shush. Especially when you spend
 >hours mixing up colours, getting all excited when you discover a
 >beautiful vibrant grey can be made by mixing a rather expensive cobalt
 >blue with a somewhat cheaper raw umbre, and the disappointment of it
 >hits you when you mix in the emulsion and find it's rather boring gray
 >after all.
 >Painting is hard when you've no idea of what to paint, but what the hell
 >has any of this to do with net art?
 >Painting _is Hard
 >Painting is difficult I mean. It's tricky working it out, what like am I
 >going to paint next? When you've no idea and could be thought of as
 >stubburn, atleast you think you could be thought of as stubburn, but
 >have no idea what others really think, if they think at all about what
 >you do, if what you do has any consequences within their thinking, you
 >could be thought of as stubburn for inisting upon the pursuit of the
 >construction of a personal abstract visual language when you don't have
 >any notion of what it shall actually communicate. You could be thought
 >of as stubburn, nay foolish, for doing so. By your refusual to make
 >paintings which are purely for selling, because doing so lacks any
 >interest to you, and your interest lacks in painting because you don't
 >know what to paint, you are. It is at times like these that
 >Painting^ is ^hard
 >Painting is hard when you are scared of it. You're scared of messing up
 >what you've already painted, even when you imagine it looks like a mess
 >to everyone else anyway. You're scared of the unknown, and painting can
 >be an exploration into the unknown when you can paint nothing else but
 >your own instincts of what to paint. It's scary when you paint
 >something and later look at it, knowing full well you'll put it on the
 >internet for all to see, and all you see is a beacon for crazies to come
 >after you. A beacon for demons from outer space to come eat up your
 >consciousness and take over your body. Oh! Hang on, that was just a
 >fancy, it weren't real, thank GOD.
 >Yes, it's tricky indeed this painting lark. Here is an mp3 of some
 >electronic music I made, all by myself, during these times when I feel
 >painting is hard. It is for your listening pleasure, the sounds are
 >lovely phat synths, and some slightly muffled drums. There's a little
 >cutting up of the drum sequences, and of course, the favourite of all
 >amateur electronica music makers, the reverb. The reverb is on everthing
 >I do, because my mind is full of reverb, nnmnmnmnmnm.
 >Don't forget, painting is hard, especially when you've got no clue.
 >"but what the hell has any of this to do with net art?"
 >I'm probably misplaced on this list, only being a pretend net-artist,
 >but I like what is posted here, and feel inclined from time to time to
 >post this or that :)
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