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Hi Marc,

I've not been ignoring your message, just taken me a while to come up
with a reply.  Had a quick look at your drawings, some are very
surrealist inspired by the looks of things, having similiarities to the
work of Francis Picabia.  I've drawn quite a few images like that of
human/object constructions, but not always had the guts to show them!
(online atleast, not exhibited any of my work at all.)

I did not see what you'd written as being quite into rant territory.

I might write something more later, after the weekend, about my
thoughts/questions on net[worked] art/creativity and where maybe
painting may come into it.


On 19/9/2006, "info" <info at furtherfield.org> wrote:

>Hi James,
>Well - I think that we can enjoy creating in other mediums as well as
>net art.
>A while back, I created a web site of sketches consisting of work from
>1986 to 1990...
>even the web site now seems from another era.
>tomorrow's insecurity
>"sketch pads created by marc garrett during 86-90."
>These images, notes, poems & rants are all from a 4 year period of my
>life, 1986 to 1990. This was a crucial stage for learning. It comes from
>a philosophical place & questions life, Art, Insanity, Security,
>Institutions & many other things. They are from sketch books & note pads
>that I have always carried around with me. On this site there are
>numerous thoughts & images, questioning situations, events, personal &
>political etc...
>I wonder if anyone else on here has stuff that they can show (links to)
>before they explored net art, or related creativity? Hell, we could have
>an online exhibition of web art by net artists before they suddenly
> >Painting is hard
> >----------------
> >
> >Painting is hard, that is, it don't make me a hard man just cos I paint.
> >It's difficult, especially when you're not as good as you think you
> >should be, to be an ARtist. Especially when you insist upon pursuing
> >some vision of a personal abstract visual language arising through
> >randomness, perhaps even the sub-con-shush. Especially when you spend
> >hours mixing up colours, getting all excited when you discover a
> >beautiful vibrant grey can be made by mixing a rather expensive cobalt
> >blue with a somewhat cheaper raw umbre, and the disappointment of it
> >hits you when you mix in the emulsion and find it's rather boring gray
> >after all.
> >
> >Painting is hard when you've no idea of what to paint, but what the hell
> >has any of this to do with net art?
> >
> >http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/painting_is_hard.mp3
> >
> ><end>
> >
> >Painting _is Hard
> >=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> >
> >Painting is difficult I mean. It's tricky working it out, what like am I
> >going to paint next? When you've no idea and could be thought of as
> >stubburn, atleast you think you could be thought of as stubburn, but
> >have no idea what others really think, if they think at all about what
> >you do, if what you do has any consequences within their thinking, you
> >could be thought of as stubburn for inisting upon the pursuit of the
> >construction of a personal abstract visual language when you don't have
> >any notion of what it shall actually communicate. You could be thought
> >of as stubburn, nay foolish, for doing so. By your refusual to make
> >paintings which are purely for selling, because doing so lacks any
> >interest to you, and your interest lacks in painting because you don't
> >know what to paint, you are. It is at times like these that
> >
> >http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/painting_is_hard.mp3
> >
> ><end>
> >
> >Painting^ is ^hard
> >`='`='`='`='`='`='
> >
> >Painting is hard when you are scared of it. You're scared of messing up
> >what you've already painted, even when you imagine it looks like a mess
> >to everyone else anyway. You're scared of the unknown, and painting can
> >be an exploration into the unknown when you can paint nothing else but
> >your own instincts of what to paint. It's scary when you paint
> >something and later look at it, knowing full well you'll put it on the
> >internet for all to see, and all you see is a beacon for crazies to come
> >after you. A beacon for demons from outer space to come eat up your
> >consciousness and take over your body. Oh! Hang on, that was just a
> >fancy, it weren't real, thank GOD.
> >
> >Yes, it's tricky indeed this painting lark. Here is an mp3 of some
> >electronic music I made, all by myself, during these times when I feel
> >painting is hard. It is for your listening pleasure, the sounds are
> >lovely phat synths, and some slightly muffled drums. There's a little
> >cutting up of the drum sequences, and of course, the favourite of all
> >amateur electronica music makers, the reverb. The reverb is on everthing
> >I do, because my mind is full of reverb, nnmnmnmnmnm.
> >
> >http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/painting_is_hard.mp3
> >
> >Don't forget, painting is hard, especially when you've got no clue.
> >
> >"but what the hell has any of this to do with net art?"
> >
> >I'm probably misplaced on this list, only being a pretend net-artist,
> >but I like what is posted here, and feel inclined from time to time to
> >post this or that :)
> >
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