[NetBehaviour] Painting is hard

Henryprocter at aol.com Henryprocter at aol.com
Thu Sep 21 17:21:59 CEST 2006

Painting is hard because before you have even applied brush to canvas you  
have this immense history. A blank canvas is quite simply not blank. Areas such  
as netart do not have a history as such. There isn't a collective memory.  
This interweaving that Ken mentions is interesting. Balance, painting with  all 
its medium specificity is perhaps only escaped when another practice is  
encorporated. One medium is offset with another. The notion that one must  escape!?
I like the idea of an 'old' website, as Mark comments. Is it old because it  
hasn't been added to, it just sits encapsulated within the net, gradually  
dating? Websites are new. We use them to provide the latest information. I had  
not thought before it was possible to find a live relic, it is such a  
I don't understand Marc's comment on ex-painters turned web artists. Surely  
you can be an artist who paints and exhibits online? Your exhibition seems to  
mimic 'Suprise Suprise', ICA, July/August, it would probably be more  
interesting, the transitionary gap between painting and webart must be  greater than 
that of developing signature styles.
I do paint, but I realise I am very bad, every few months however I think  
'damn', 'I need to do a painting'!
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