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 Society for the Maintenance of Irreverence towards Ridiculous Kowtow.
 There are no straight lines in real space. Linearity finds its best in gravity. It  also finds it is best not everywhere - if it looks far enough and openly. Humor (satire, parody), metaphor, wandering, and dream can befuddle the "logical" part of mind, but logic can play tricks and logic can set up great jokes. As with our grave terrain (a.k.a. earth) we see going "east" is the same as going "west" given time. I would say that notions of dialectics, Gestalt, neuro-leaping, the aha! moment, and the flood (as in the basement flood that erased the training of Pavlov's dogs) suggest that if you go inside form far enough, you create content and vice-reversa. If you work on a joke so that it makes you think you create dangerous theory and if you work on a theory until it makes you laugh you create the unending joke.  In both cases, you meet up at revolution. That is why we form groups, and why we are not content without facilitating approach to all permutations of human
 flavoring. The group bound by power always cuts short the quest - narrowing to fragmental, speculative "focus" as ultimate goal - as its necessary redundancy. 
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