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Thu Sep 28 10:10:03 CEST 2006

29 September

The Bio Doll seduces Ferré, the fashion fortress

After the USE CONDOMS project

The Bio Doll decides to go overboard and act, this time not only on
screen. Conscious of the importance of image in the fashion world, this
time she creates an action in order to disfigure the linguistic codes
through which fashion expresses itself.

The Liborio Capizzi interview given for the USE CONDOMS video, becomes an
interactive text which creates new visual, conceptual, sensual
experiences.  Language becomes a new form of aperture, which overcomes all
copyright limits. Copyright belongs to all the fashion houses and large
companies, but this time it is overthrown, extending Liborio Capizzi’s
text into an emotional experience for all those who interact with it. The
Liborio Capizzi interview becomes an open door for erotic blogs with posts
from the Bio Doll, images of the new hand bag with the metabrand Serpica
Naro (ornate with sex toys and Chinese balls), video interviews and
sensual images.

The Bio Doll, legitimised by the release form signed by Liborio Capizzi
(vice creative and artistic director for the Ferré and Gianfranco Ferré
Women’s Collections) following the interview given for the video USE
CONDOMS, transforms the words of a famous fashion label into something
more fluid, showing its naked reality, the subversion of linguistic and
imaginary codes, which the entertainment and fashion industries are not
yet aware of.  A disfiguring action which shows how the public language
and marketing are obsolete and dated, full of contradictions, and easily

A linguistic hacker action which shows yet again how the Bio Doll, through
her erotic Universe, is a charming mermaid...a digital mermaid which will
continue to enchant artists, people in the entertainment industry and


People who participated in the project:

Camera Filippo Bonomi

Webdesigner  artist Carlo Buzzi <www.carlobuzzi.it>

Photo Nazarena Capellaro

Concept bio doll,camera, regia and editing Franca

Photo,photoshop and press Silvia Larizza

Editing Claudio Semboloni

bio doll and photoshop Tania Varuni <http://www.myspace.com/deaideale>

Handbag production USE CONDOMS s.r.l.

Concept Serpica Naro <www.serpicanaro.com>

bio doll's lawyer Giovanni Ziccardi <www.ziccardi.it>

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