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Artist's Commission, Woolwich.
October 2006 - January 2007    
Commission Brief

Commission Outline

Independent Photography is looking for an artist working with film or
digital media to undertake a participatory arts project involving a range of
residents from the Walpole Estate in Woolwich.  The project aims to engage
and bring together estate residents of different generations and diverse
cultural backgrounds to explore a sense of place and questions of belonging.
Seeking to elicit perceptions of individual and community identity from a
variety of perspectives, the brief is open as to whether the commissioned
artist will work with a group of residents on an integrated project or with
individual residents on discreet activities which come together in the
commission's conclusion.

This artist's commission is for new work that can address and explore the
following aims:
-    inspire and intrigue through the use of contemporary media arts  and
socially engaged practice
-    activate a level of participation from the diversity of communities
on the estate
-    explore issues relevant to these communities regarding the estate on
which they live and how the proposed regeneration of Woolwich town centre
will affect them
-    investigate these issues within personal as well as wider social,
environmental, and cultural contexts

We are offering a £4,500 commission for a socially engaged project that
explores the above aims and can be undertaken over the period October 2006 -
January 2007, culminating in some form of outcome, whether event,
exhibition, and/or distributed products.

The project is managed by Independent Photography and funded by the SRB6
Health Benefits Programme.

Artist profile
The commission seeks an artist experienced in engaging with members of the
public and the complexities that this involves. Independent Photography is
keen to develop contemporary participative and public art practice, through
the use of visual, audio, or audiovisual media.

The commission seeks to offer an investigative and engaging opportunity to
an artist working in site specific practice. Work that allows meaningful
participation by members of the community is central to its aims, as is the
opportunity for innovative approaches to this challenge.
Walpole Estate is situated in the Woolwich Common Ward of the London Borough
of Greenwich.  It is one of four council estates in this culturally diverse
Ward, south of Woolwich town centre and adjacent to Woolwich Common, where
the high proportion of BME residents includes significant Indian, West
African and Somali communities.

The area suffers from multiple deprivation including high unemployment, low
incomes, higher than average numbers of single parent families, low
educational attainments and higher than average crime rates.  Using the
Government's measure of deprivation, the Index of Deprivation 2004,
Greenwich is the 41st most deprived borough in England and Wales and the
Woolwich Common Ward has areas in the 10% most deprived in England.

The Estate is privately managed by the Walpole Estate Management Board, and
as well as a Youth Club there are a number of community organisations based
on the estate including a crèche and a Somali teaching project, both of
which include members from beyond the estate itself.  

Woolwich is undergoing significant regeneration, which will have a dramatic
effect on the town centre and its transport links, as well as on housing
provision.  The DLR will open in Woolwich in 2009, providing a link to
London City Airport, and a new rapid transit linking Woolwich with Abbey
Wood, North Greenwich and Greenwich town centre will be in operation by
2008.  Plans for the Woolwich town centre include 2 major supermarkets,
250,000 sq foot of retail and over 1,000 new homes.  The Council has agreed
to remodel three estates which comprise over 1000 council homes in the area
as part of its decent homes strategy, and if current plans go ahead, Walpole
Estate will be the only housing estate left in the Woolwich Common Ward.  

Project Management
The overall management of the commission is the responsibility of
Independent Photography's Artistic Director, Isabel Lilly.  The
co-ordination and day-to-day running of the project will be conducted by
Rohini Malik Okon, Project Co-ordinator, who will be the artist's point of
contact and support throughout the commission.

This commission offers a budget of £4,500

Please provide a budget proposal as part of your application. The budget
should cover artist's fee, materials/additional equipment, and final
event/exhibition costs including marketing. IP will provide full
administrative and marketing support to the project.

The commission is intended to take place between October 2006 and January

Artists are invited to submit a timescale as part of their proposal, which
should include: an initial period of research to get to know the area and
its residents; time for the delivery of the project with participants; and
post production time to deliver the finished outcome.
Copyright of any work produced as part of the commission will be the
property of the Artist.  The Artist would grant IP the right to reproduce
any work created during the Commission as necessary by photography,
lithography, print film, videotape, CD, mini disc, DAT, or audio cassette
for publicity or promotional purposes connected with the Commission.

Application Procedure
Artists are invited to submit the following as an application for the above

1. Commission proposal, to include:
-    Conceptual approach
-    Project Description
-    Detail of community participation / engagement
-    Budget outline
-    Timescale
-    Potential outcome(s)

2. Current CV

3. Samples of recent work
(These can be printed material, audio, video, digital media, URL's)

Application deadline:   5pm, Monday 2nd October

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview at IP on:  Friday 6th

Please send application either by email or by post to:

Isabel Lilly / Rohini Malik Okon
Independent Photography
Rothbury Hall
Azof Street
London SE10 0EF

isabel at independentphotography.org.uk
rohini at independentphotography.org.uk


Rohini Malik Okon
Project & Events Co-ordinator
Independent Photography

Rothbury Hall, Azof Street, London SE10 0EF
T: 020 8858 2825 F: 020 8858 2025 W: www.independentphotography.org.uk

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