[NetBehaviour] Catastrophic Thought

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Apr 6 06:00:21 CEST 2007

Catastrophic Thought

Its relationship to toggle, totter, topple:
from binary relationship to abject destruction
extremities, 'things' carried to an extreme
thought that short-circuits itself, goes nowhere
flatness, worlds without direction
defuging of worlds

always self-canceling
using, devouring energy
it's too difficult to think

not the thought of the catastrophe
there's no therapeutic or suture
there's no projection, only introjection
this is introjection without absorption
blinking, unblinking, uncomprehending
thought of the catastrophe already grasps
thought is already thinking
catastrophic thought is not thinking
thought which is not thought

catastrophic thought is physiological thought
its limit thought on the borders of the conceivable
in catastrophic thought nothing is conceivable
in catastrophic thought there are no limits

laughter, diabolic laughter
catastrophic thought is the thought of the symptom

thinking which eliminates the premise of thought
thought which eliminates thinking
thought of the i am that i am
mute thought, inert thought, thought of the thing
the thing thinking

the catastrophe "what a catastrophe!"
the disaster "what a disaster!"

catastrophic thought A, then B, else B
towards B, else B, towards B
B becomes nameless, B is already nameless

the subject undergoes, is undergone-ing, introjection
inconceivable projection, nothing to project
no projectors

thinking the skein holding everything together
thinking the collapse of the skein
just beneath the surface there is no skein
just beneath the surface there are no things
there are no surfaces, there is no surface

thinking which is deeply, inherently, mute
unspeakable thinking, unspeaking thinking

physiology of tremors, depressions, tremblings
phenomenology of nightmares, hysterias
suicidal thinking, thinking which produces limit
thinking suicide, the production of a thing

thoughtless, witless
not always the worst, however, always mute

"i can't think of this, this catastrophic thought


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