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International Seminar: 21st, 22nd and 23rd November, 2007
Sesc Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil

International Exhibition: 21st-23rd November, 2007
Sesc Paulista Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

Mobilefest – International Festival of Mobile Arts and Creativity is an
event that aims to question and discuss the advent of the new mobile
technologies in their relationships with the various segments of society,
being the first International Festival of the kind.

The main objective is to provide and multifaceted and heterogenic
environment of discussions, actions and creations that seek for
intelligent solutions, through the virtualities of the new mobile
technologies, to solve or even discuss the issues that trouble
contemporary societies.

The effort of the event about the new communication technologies is based
on the perception of its potential growth – there are nearly 3 billion
active mobiles in the nowadays[1] - and the increase of its use not only
for communication between people but, also in activities of education,
social inclusion, varied artistic productions, entertainment, security,
content production and distribution, sociability nets configuration,
activism actions, health, commerce, advertising, etc.


The I Mobilefest was launched in November 2006, with an international
seminar that took place in São Paulo, at Sesc Paulista, with live and free
transmission via the Internet.

In its first edition, it broached the social, cultural and aesthetic
implications that the mobile ands mobile technologies have been promoting
in global scale. The festival discussed the main outlining of the
relationships between mobile technologies (like mobile, handhelds, etc.)
and the many segments of the society listed above. Besides the discussion,
the event is made of technical and cultural activities and also includes
expositive exhibition and the launch of recognition award of the best
mobile jobs and applications, the I Mobilefest Awards. The seminar
gathered 14 foreign artists and researchers and Brazilian 20 artists and


Popularise the mobile technology as to contribute to social inclusion
though the generalisation of knowledge, its use and possibilities of
interaction promoted by these new communication media.
Offer the audience the first awarding specialised in recognising works
that use mobile technology.
Promote cultural interchange among national and international researchers
and producers of this area.
Incentive the creative thought and production about the new technologies
aiming to expand the possible hardware e software functions in the
technology mobile sector.

Stimulate the production of content in the mobile technology segment in
Brazil in terms of production in the industrial segment as well as from
the point of view of the independent creator, thus intending to seek for
balanced ways of relationships between these two players which will not
mean mutual negation.
Enable the participation of all interested in producing and distributing
content through the mobile communication networks.

*II Mobilefest - International Festival of Mobile Arts and Creativity / 2007*

The use of the mobile phone, the main development feature of mobile
technology, starts in Brazil in 1990, when we had around 667 units. Since
then, and added to all changes linked to globalisation, opening of market
shares, more and more accelerated development of new technologies, all
that already announced since the 80s in the core countries, the amount of
mobiles has increased exponentially reaching 6700 no in the following
year, 30 thousand in 1992, nearly 50 millions in 2004 and, nowadays
according to Anatel, Brazil has already almost 100 million active mobile
units (what means 53 mobile/ 100 inhabitants)[2].

It was also during the 1990s that the environmental issue started being
present in the daily guidelines not only of the mass communication media
but, as well in the civil associations as a rather relevant topic of the
main social movements all over the world, and as core subject in several
universities and specialised research institutes. Among the numerous
points and dimensions involved in the planet’s environmental problem, the
climate issue directed everyone’s attention due to uncountable
environmental disasters caused by weather alterations.

While the technological development takes wide steps, considering the a
mobile technology as one of the main protagonists of lately, environmental
issue also grow disputing the news with the high-tech market good news.
Many times it seems like a battle in fact, since the productive and
technological development is takne as one of the main causes of
environmental problems. Specially about mobiles, one of the shocking
points between technological development and environmental issue regards
the garbage generated by disused units and discarded batteries that grows
as fast as the new technological developments.

However , if less than 150 years ago we only had a telegraphic signal to
generate an S.O.S, now we have the latest generation networks mobile
phones with photo and video cameras, GPS and LBS, linked to wireless,
viral and instant internet that challenging us to find new technological
solutions and collective actions in favour of the environment.

How can Mobile Technology contribute to democracy, culture, art, ECOLOGY,
peace, education, health and third-sector?

Considering that, II Mobilefest 2007 intends to dedicate part of its
activities and reflections upon environmental issue.

*Festival Mobilefest 2007 Theme*

In 2007, besides the more general proposal which leads to the question -
How can Mobile Technology contribute to democracy, culture, art, ecology,
peace, education, health and third- sector?– Mobilefest has in view
special emphasis in ecology, with the theme Environment, trying to explore
the potentialities of the mobile technologies through the proposal
“Protecting the environment using mobile technologies”. The choice of the
theme Environment intends to mobilise the civil society before numerous
environmental tragedies already under course and, because we see this as a
very rich experimentation space through the use of mobile technologies.

[1] According to forecast by research company Informa Telecoms an Media
(cf. < http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/bbc/ult272u59649.shtml >).

[2] According to Anatel:



II MOBILEFEST 2007 is open to receive project and paper proposals to be
selected to participate in the II Mobilefest International Seminar and
Exhibition that will take place in the second semester 2007, in São Paulo,
It is intended that papers and projects presented reflect upon Mobilefest
How can Mobile Technology contribute to democracy, culture, art, ecology,
peace, education, health and third- sector?

Registrations are open until 31st July 2007 via email
sent to 2007(at)mobilefest.com.br with the following information:

Full name:
Land line:
University (not compulsory):
Graduation level (not compulsory):


( ) democracy
( ) culture
( ) arts
( ) peace
( ) education
( ) health
( ) third-sector

Presentations sent should last no longer than 30 minutes.

Projects sent will be selected by categories, marked in the registration

Registration should include a brief description of the presentation
proposed (up to 200 words), technical information and participants
involved, in .rtf, doc or pdf.

Send your work to:

All selected presentations will be broadcasted live via internet and will
be available on podcast soon after.

Project sending: 31st July 2007
Notification: 1st September 2007

In case of doubt, please write to


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