[NetBehaviour] public curating common adjectives

Bjørn Magnhildøen noemata at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 13:56:26 CEST 2007


originally the idea was to tag two and two images with relational
adjectives as a way of public curating a collection of abstract
images, based on the idea that properties arise out of relations -
system theory somewhat. finally i went for this almost short-circuited
version of curating the adjectives themselves... maybe as curator art
- an autopoiesis


2007/4/10, olga krause <aka.leafa at xtra.co.nz>:
> Kia ora koutou
> hi all
> i just had to say - i bloody love this!!!!
> as a curator, this actually is way better than any overly verbose bullshit lecture, it tells me loads about my hidden agendas (if any as a curator) it gets the nits to pick out our falsity or pretentions and actually makes total sense to me.
> Sorry for the outburst... just had to say, thanks for it. It's given me some more verve to continue on track that I am struggling to stay on. getting a little tired of dealing with the public needs as opposed to the needs of the academy. blah blah blah...
> best
> leafa/janice/olga
> ---- "Bjørn Magnhildøen" <noemata at gmail.com> wrote:
> =============
> unripe is more spotless than average
> noisy is more wet than successful
> condemned is more tired than shy
> relieved is more concerned than rotten
> forward is more dead than loud
> fierce is more ugly than infamous
> blonde is more hilarious than crooked
> noisy is more chilly than agreeable
> jolly is more loud than lovely
> splendid is more delightful than dark
> purring is more swift than impossible
> icy is more deafening than smooth
> embarrassed is more wooden than wooden
> guilty is more safe than dull
> defeated is more concerned than misty
> short is more cooing than embarrassed
> mad is more lonely than bloody
> soft is more cuddly than solid
> small is more fake than warm
> greasy is more hushed than wet
> open is more concerned than tasty
> troubled is more inquisitive than tiny
> strong is more stupid than fuzzy
> helpful is more average than weary
> bored is more quiet than frowning
> graceful is more shaggy than hushed
> http://arspublica.noemata.net/adject/
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