[NetBehaviour] Three More Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 10 14:53:51 CEST 2007

I absolutely *love* the three new ones!
You've set yourself a task that is fraught with
difficulties, with complex & subtle snares.
To take a work that is as marvellous & as compressed
as the original & then to find visuals that are both
analogues & non trivial 'extensions' , fleshings out,
of the the poems, requires invention, care & a
particular sort of artistic *tact* .
But it could be *too* tactful, a kind of walking on
eggshells duty piece & therefore I love too your
boldness & wit in piece #6.
Together with your somewhat grim hyper story of last
year this represents my favourite work by you so far.
( & it's getting better, in my view, although I'll be
interested to go back to the first three, which had a
slightly less sure feel for me & see if they look
different in light of the new ones: ie. either that
they were as good all the time & I failed to
completely get them or that they represent a kind of
warming up, with the utterly splendid '20 snowy
mountains' as a kind of launghing pad into these
I really look forward to final seven!

--- edwardpicot <edwardpicot at beeb.net> wrote:

> "I was of three minds,
> Like a tree
> In which there are three blackbirds."
> >From a work in progress: three more short
> animations, based on sections of Wallace Stevens'
> famous poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a
> Blackbird", are now online. The first three were
> completed in February, and there should be more to
> come a bit later in the year.
> http://www.edwardpicot.com/blackbird/
> - Edward Picot
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