[NetBehaviour] I enter the phrase: Enduring the realm of inherent contradiction.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Apr 10 22:23:12 CEST 2007

I enter the phrase: Enduring the realm of inherent contradiction.

Endurance: here, to subsist within for an indefinite period of time. The realm 
is that of broken, convoluted, fragmented information. Contradiction references 
multiple strands tending towards differing and temporary truth- 
tables.Inherent, because this becomes the condition of existence; outside the 
realm of language, what is, is, but within the same, mappings are fast-forward, 
imminent, and decomposable.

Fragment generates fragment; the goal of the fragment is the fragment;
there is no goal. What happens in the real is the incandescent slaughter-
house; ecologies and bodies burn. The fragment is the life-raft.

The iron-clad fragment protects itself as ideology within the inerrancy of
a text. The text itself is of little matter; what matters is its command-
structure. An inerrant text is absolutist; it brooks no contradiction; it
is nothing but words.

One word follows another; within the fragment, they are deeply untethered.
The inerrant text constructs the digital world; the digital world decon-
structs, destroys, the inerrant text. The construction of the digital
world: from parts and parcels of the analogic, the inert real. The frag-
ments otherwise; the fragment returns to the analogic - is fragment pre-
cisely because of the analogic; in relation to the analogic; within the
analogic. The fragment is the passing symptom; the symptom is the passing
trope; the trope stands in for the raster, the horizon of the digital.

What one says and does is irrevocable.

The fragment is endured; the fragmented is nostalgia for a lost and mythic

The fragment leaves the fragment, leaves language and name behind. The
fragment is the dream of the proper name.

"To fragment something" carries the torn world on its shoulders. Contra-
diction seeps from the torn. The hole dreams of the whole; the hole dreams
of the whole dreaming of the hole.

This has nothing, has everything, to do with the slaughterhouse. The
slaughterhouse is the last of the shifters - meat and dwelling of the
shifters. Contradiction: seepage from the slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouse:
the irrevocable torn.

*/ Who carries my voice when I speak? To where and when is it carried? And
from where? And from when?

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