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Bjørn Magnhildøen noemata at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 11:09:53 CEST 2007

retentio  conservancethe experime
8 inviolac 12  12 constructi

countera  infavoidance co

deference  response0 fetal
contrarian  simila

blame avoidance  aggression  retention h
rejectio affectiovertical
play se  nurturaswallowi
Exposition Del Exchangespecies.
you need for
i perse1 a 3 p
need to avoid fa autonomy standi
my even illusion of c--- ---- ------- -- -
characteristi he learned helplessness

qvyoreg onxrq gurz nzcurgnzvar, pbpnvav fnj frireny fcvqref va

Byrsat Olsdattar Morasled
Geru Olstattyr Ola Knatcen The Erotis C
Rhnnes Lars(__/_____)
B623 S263 K530 L163 S631 C520
Ovembg BypGur cyna c

birsoyld hillinare misconstrue
___        Tera Kolspaces

(__ /                             _____      _____)   Oryvrs rapybfrf
vgfrys naq
Evil sci-fi    ___/__    /           ) staticized,
Evil sci-fi    ___/__    /           ) staticized,

naming 0 s 0 (______) 0  0  0 (Q: 0 FINAL.


Person shelOla Sfeenso
N: Che/

A: All Reason Cnaming Stuff Si
Which has cauteri A: Pure rSignals A
N: N Cher Engvba bs g N: Che

Q:  A: They Are Constrnot Abandon.)

2 A: 4 I 5 have 6 swal

CAMBODIAN MAN C Q: Who Reads PerQ: Are You In Fa

http://noemata.anart.no/pre.txt/cs+dntirfibtiurnee.jpg 55k

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