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Multiplace – Network Culture Festival

*Brno, Prague *(Czech Republic), *Budapest* (Hungary), *Kielce* (Poland), *
Cluj* (Romania), *Bratislava*, *Kosice*, *Trnava*, *Zilina* (Slovak
Republic), *Providence* (Rhode Island, USA) and *Internet*

April 13 – April 22, 2007


Multiplace is a network of people and independent organizations interested
in the interaction between media, technology, the arts, culture and society.
Activities of this network culminates this year in the sixth annual festival
that take place between April 13 and April 22, 2007, in 10 cities and 6
countries simultaneously.

There are around 70 different projects organized around the framework of the
festival – workshops, installations, discussions, concerts, performances,
exhibitions, presentations, screenings, streaming or parties, and also live
streaming from different locations through the internet.

This year's new definition, *Network Culture Festival* replaces, "new media"
because it more accurately defines the festival's emphasis on networking
collaborations and related inspiring possibilities. Since the festival is an
open structure, there in no exact number of events and thanks to the
"floating" part of the program called "Jump Into the Network", it is open to
your participation.

*Jump into the Network is* an interactive part of the program. You can join,
via the Internet, a series of psycho-geographical games created by the
Rumanian Association AltArt, take part of one of the workshops, bring your
old computer to be recycled, or offer your talkative parrot for Internet
discussion. In both Bratislava and Brno, there are also platforms for the
realization of your own projects.

*Program selection*

In Bratislava, there is a festival Infocentre at A4 – Zero Space with
information and daily public events. Young designers in their Open Design
Studio present work on topics like collaborative design, DIY magazines and
give you personal advice about your visual communication. You can also take
part in discussions about the state of the internet in Slovakia, or about
phenomena like web2 or Second Life. A4 also features screenings, hardware
workshops, as well as evenings of the international music festival, "Unsound
on Tour Across Borders", that will also stop in Brno and Prague.

Additionally, in Bratislava, there is the opportunity to see the video
installations of Nora Ruzickova in the 13m3 Gallery and to visit artists'
studios and design studios such as OST-960 (of artist Erik Binder),
STUPIDesign and Kamikadze. There are screenings of films awarded Prix Ars
Electronica and YouTube, Machinima films, concert by the Polish experimental
sound group Karbido in Kosice and Zilina. In Trnava, there are lectures
connecting science and art, talks on non-conventional music and video

In Brno, there is another Festival Infocentre and concerts at the Faculty of
Visual Arts at the Technical University, as well as workshops, discussions,
live presentations, a radio show, video installation, parties, 'chill out',
and open platforms for your creativity.

Visitors in Budapest will have the opportunity to see a screening of films
related to architecture, as well as presentations of VJs, Polish Kiecle
presents light sensitive installation and video screening and in Providence,
(Rhode Island, USA) the RISD Museum offers screenings of New Central
European video art.

There is also a couple of "matches" going on – in the radio space between
Czech and Slovak radios, and between different young artists from various
"competing" art schools taking part on billboards.

*We are looking forward to meeting you at Multiplace, in real or virtual
*MULTIPLACE 2007: people, machines, design, music, video, software,
workshops, exhibitions, visits and more.*


*Jump into the network of art and creativity!* *

Zuzana Cernakova, Executive Director, +421 907 467 598, zuzana at 34.sk
Maria Riskova, Program Coordinator, m at 13m3.sk
Viera Levitt, Multiplace USA, International PR, 001 401 714 9698,
vieralevitt at gmail.com
Peter Pankuch, PR Manager Slovakia, +421 907 151 565, pagastan at post.sk
 <http://www.multiplace.sk/>http://www.multiplace.sk , admin at multiplace.sk
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