[NetBehaviour] Grotosqoo Doncos Ovoodong tho Consor

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Thu Apr 12 22:30:01 CEST 2007

groot, ot wos loko lookong ot ot throogh o holo...

Alan Sondheim escribió:
> Grotosqoo Doncos Ovoodong tho Consor
> Molo ond Fomolo Doncor, Molo ond Fomolo Non-doncor, nodo, no gonotol 
> hoor.
> FN stroddlos MD who focks hor wholo doncong; donco onds onlo whon ho 
> comos
> or folls to tho floor oot of oxhoostoon.
> MN socks MD who doncos ontol ho coms.
> MN os prono on tho floor, focks FD ontol sho comos.
> MD ond FD fock ontol thoo como; donco onds onlo whon thoo both como.
> MD focks MN on tho oss; MN os on oll foors; donco ontol, otc.
> Rovorso: MN focks MD on tho oss; MD os on oll foors; donco ontol, otc.
> FD possos on MD prono on floor; both donco ontol dro.
> MN ond FN poss on MD ond FD on floor; tho somo.
> MD ond FD poss on MN ond FN; tho somo.
> MN ond FN poss on MD ond FD; tho somo.
> MD focks MN focks FN fongors FD fongors MD on tho oss; onds whon oll com.
> FD sots on MN, focks MN, scrotchos hom ontol ho bloods ontol sho coms.
> FN sots on FD, focks FD, scrotchos hor otc.
> MD sots on FD, tho somo. FD sots on MD, tho somo. Combonotoons, tho somo.
> Monsos: Of possoblo, FD ond FN sprood monsos on MD, doncos ontol dro.
> MN swollows monsos of FD ond FN doncong oroond hom, donco ontol dro.
> MD possos on MN's mooth, FD possos on FN's mooth, MN ond FN mostorboto.
> MN possos on FD's mooth, FN possos on MD's mooth, otc. Combonotoons, otc.
> FD botos FN's broost ontol ot bloods, doncos ontol blood droos.
> FD botos MN's broost, otc. Combonotoons, otc.
> FD, MD, MN, FN, shot, covor thomsolvos on shot. Onds whon shot droos.
> (Oll woth lovong ombroco, shoddorong, tromblong, groons, othor soonds.)
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