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Fri Apr 13 09:15:14 CEST 2007

i suddendly had that feeling of indigestion

i deleted my 3 net diaries, the older one began in 2001.

6 years writing and photoshoping every day.

... that makes aprox. 2.190 days, aprox. lots and lots of words and 

and all around the world, people writing net diaries or blogs... lots 
and lots and lots and lots... of words, thoughts... ajjj

i felt sick.

i would like to sit down and see what i've done in 6 years in order to 
know what i know...

i would like to see if i can order what i know and share it in other ways.

do a sort of thougths juice. like when we squeeze out an orange, i want 
to squeeze out me... to see if there's any juice !


i became suspicious with the net:

who owns blogger?
how many money is [ he/she/they ] doing just because i use [ 
his/her/their ] freesoftware?
who owns blogger and google ?!

google knows even the streets i've looked for in the past 3 months !

what does google know about me?
what does google do with that knowledge?

does google offer me a service and making my life easier or is it making 
money without telling me how? both? is there anything else?

how much free is internet nowadays?

blogger had my 6 years-work in its server, my words, my pictures... 
blogger keeps a copy for itself and sends another to my server.
smart aplication.

( ... )

and as i see that there's not such an expressed feeling of this among 
the people i netknow, i share it... to see if anyone else is feeling 
sort of the same feeling...

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