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Fri Apr 13 17:18:53 CEST 2007

On 13/4/2007, "@-_q @@" <mediaidea at arkania.org> wrote:

>i suddendly had that feeling of indigestion
>i deleted my 3 net diaries, the older one began in 2001.
>6 years writing and photoshoping every day.
>.... that makes aprox. 2.190 days, aprox. lots and lots of words and
>and all around the world, people writing net diaries or blogs... lots
>and lots and lots and lots... of words, thoughts... ajjj

Yes exactly. Blogs are easy to use, and easy to make it appear one is
very busy and important indeed - maybe. Atleast easy to make it appear
one is prolific.

Which reminds me, last night I thought I'd put something up on my
website just to say yes I have actually being doing stuff, so much
infact I've not got round to fiddle-farting about for my website to
reflect it.

>i became suspicious with the net:
>who owns blogger?
>how many money is [ he/she/they ] doing just because i use [
>his/her/their ] freesoftware?
>who owns blogger and google ?!
>blogger had my 6 years-work in its server, my words, my pictures...
>blogger keeps a copy for itself and sends another to my server.
>smart aplication.

I try to use PHP to create my own independant """content
management/deployment whatnot""" but it's not easy and got too
distracted by other things. DIWO for example completely put my latest
effort on hold, which I'd intended to be "up by Spring" but which is
sitting idly on my HD, getting tangled up in itself.

But the point I was getting to is there are alternative non-proprietry
content management systems you could use, besides blogger, freely
available and without the idiosyncrasies of blogger (whatever they maybe
I don't know). I can't tell you what they are because I've not looked
into it - too busy making hard work for myself.


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