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the zone


andrei tarkovski

i've been watching this movie lately...

in the credits it is said that is based in a stanasliav lem's short 
storie, but in the internet
it is said that some russian brothers did write it,
(some day i'll look for to know exactly who wrote it)
(if someone knows, please, links ! )

in the zone
the space transforms itself all the time.

the stalker, the professor and the writer are in danger all the time
because the zone is never the same.

magnetism, it is suggested.
some kind of high power through vibrations...

as when the train, as it passes, moves a glass over the table because of 
the vibration of the ground around the track
as when stalker's daugther moves the 3 glases over the table because the 
vibration of her mind,

it is never sugested
how people die in the zone, if it is swallow,

it is always a sense of real danger

(i also revisited matrix-1 last night
to observe small details
and there's also a configurated programmed
that can change)

Alan Sondheim escribió:
> deconstructing julu
> three sections to skinstretch:
> 1 camera-movement limit-point collapse into catastrophic behavior
> 2 behavior collision from above including skin-stretch
> 3 analysis of skin-stretch in two movements
> http://www.asondheim.org/skinstretch.mp4
> years ago invented a board game in which the board squares moved
> independently, as well as the game pieces on them.
> now thinking of second life performance involving two performers
> and an architect:
> the architect constructs and transforms the performance space;
> the performers create psychodrama in relation to behavior collision
> within that space.
> a performer might fall off the space, be absorbed by the space,
> be excluded from the space.
> the architect is moved towards greater and greater extremes:
> what holds the performance in place, what dissolves it?
> i've contacted the potential performers, now would they use their
> real names.
> =
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