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Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 21 16:00:00 CEST 2007

Hi Alan
<why are they so large? You should be able to get good
resolution.. >
Well, there are various reasons.. one of it is simply
image size - I've been tending to 600X450 of late &
that makes a huge difference up from 400X300 , also
I've been doing a lot of stuff with quite large &
continuous areas of stillness & small changes
elsewhere & both mp4 & h264 don't seem to handle that
very well.. I've found I get artefacts in the still
areas which are bigger than the things I actually want
people to focus on.
Third reason is I simply don't like the look of either
mp4 or h264 as much as I do Sorenson 3 -I think
there's a brighter, more alive, look in Sorenson 3.
(although I *do* use both mp4 & h264 sometimes,
usually when I've got a lot of movement & there's ,for
want of  better words, a "narrative" or "dramatic"
Which doesn't answer why some of them are compressed
with photo jpeg -that's because I've made quite a few
things recently playing with the 3 fps continuous
shoot mode ( not "video") on my new stills camera -I
really like the quality of this, has a a very
different feel to me from normal video & I've tried to
preserve it, my criterion being if I stop the movie
does it look like a "still" rather than a "frame".
-This is a long answer but bear with me!-
Also I think  ( & the above bears witness to this) my
eye has just got a lot *pickier* -partly this is just
looking at *loads* of online video everyday for
I see stuff much more critically than I did
Finally - and this is also dvblog related -I've
discovered that there's a big audience out there who
are prepared & eager to look at pieces of 50MB & up -
take it in their stride in fact.
Some of my earlier stuff now looks a bit cramped to
me, because I worked *so* hard to keep it small -I'm
now seeing things change so quickly in terms of
connection speed that I'm going to anticipate the
future a bit ( not too much!) & make things that feel
as right as I can make them... I'm certainly still
mindful of file size & it's not that I simply have a
devil-may-care attitude -I spend on average about the
same time optimising as I do making but I am adamant
that my eye is the principle tool I use for this :)
more than you asked for I think !
warmest wishes

--- Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:

> Michael - really like these - but why are they so
> large? You should be 
> able to get good resolution at 2-5 megabytes per
> minute with .mp4 and 
> H.264 set at anywhere from 600-1800 bandwidth...
> And thanks for the nod to BFI; if only!
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