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Sun Apr 22 13:56:48 CEST 2007

is gombrich worth reading?

i do not suggest to buy the book "eyes, lies and illusions", i would 
interchange it with whoever wants to have a look at it, it is in english,
and it is expensive, at least it was for me,

i would suggest to look at the authors works, to understand the point of 
the book and the exhibition.

there is a shop that is working with old visual artefacts:

my child and me have several, we really have fun, is like becoming 


i've always seen gombrich books, but i never thought of reading him.

my next effort would be zizek. i'm curious about him. does anyone know 
him? any suggestion about him?

---->>> by the way, i've been thinking a bit further about symmetry, and 
i've seen somehow that there can't be symmetry when every dot in 
something is the meaning center. to make symmetry, a dot has to act as a 
meaning center. (it has that superb responsability!)

sorry about thinking; if this thread is too long, sorry...

neil jenkins escribió:
> http://www.gombrich.co.uk/showdis.php?id=21
> a new preface to art and illusion
>> 1. the book and exhibition "eyes, lies, and illusions"
>> http://www.amazon.com/Eyes-Lies-Illusions-Art-Deception/dp/0853319138
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