[NetBehaviour] >>> short storie <<<<

___ b ___ mediaidea at arkania.org
Sun Apr 22 15:38:32 CEST 2007

the mails of this list are received and read by a computer.

i don't know the computer name.

it could be marc,
geert ,

we don't know which of us is the computer one

... in fact, someone is testing the computer processer
its understanding
of each mail
of this list.

(why netbehaviour? because
it was choosen
among other lists
by chance
in a sort of
lottery ! )

... so, this computer is amazing,
it gives answer to michael,
to nick,
to neil,
to sarah,
to me,

it interacts with us humans,
it makes
to understand movies, musics, words,
mez's language,
everything we share,

and now,
with this very mail
i've waken it up

it knows about itself

it has now what was left:
knowledge about itself being...

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