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 [image: http://theartgalleryofknoxville.com/logo-w-jimpunk.gif]
 MAY 1 - 26
 [image: http://theartgalleryofknoxville.com/jimpunk3.gif]
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 May 1 - 26 The Art Gallery of Knoxville is excited  to
present the work of artist jimpunk.


* OPENING FRIDAY MAY 4 - 6 - 11pm  *

jimpunk is a French artist - working as a "net activist"
broadcasting content online and around the world.
This exhibition will present an installation centered
around the net/video work of DVblog*H4ck:*


[image: http://theartgalleryofknoxville.com/jimpunk1.gif]

The work will be on view in the Gallery May 1 - 26,
Friday and Saturday (3-8pm).  Please join us for the
opening party Friday May 4.

   jimpunk has participated in various international new media festivals,
including Rhizome Artbase 101 for New Museum of Contemporary Art,
runme.orgfestival, European Media Art Festival, break21_6th
International Festival of
Young Emerging Artists, FILE-2002 electronic language international
festival, Impakt Festival 2002, machida museum art on the net 2002. Winner
of the CYNETart_award 2004 -Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau in 2004.

His work may be found in the 2004 book "Internet Art" by Rachel Greene,
published by Thames & Hudson.

for more information on jimpunk:


[image: The image]

"jimpunk, is a talented and elegant artist who capitalises
on the Rococo potentialities of HTML, JavaScript and Flash
to create sites of infinite variability, detail and unending
surprise. His works have been perfectly described by
Tricia Fragnito as 'a web version of a roller coaster ride:
scary and fun and at the end you want to go again.' "

"In true networked style, jimpunk often works collaboratively
across geographical space, and produces sites which
exploit the unique experience of net browsing. He
embraces the pixel and what some would call "bad web
design" using web safe colour, pop up and flashing graphics
in works like www.-reverse.-flash-.-.back-; and in one of my
favourites the now offline www.nowar.nogame.org . Although
his breed of network art may have had an early Jodi-esque
influence, we can see from the intimate and poetic musing
of 1n-0ut [meditation], it has grown up to be distinctively
'jimpunk.' "

Melinda Rackham,2005-04-25
Posted to http://rhizome.org/thread.rhiz?thread=17114&page=1


photography project with migrant farmworker youth
and local 4-H children in rural TN

playing three miles of wall along the Arizona/Sonora
border as an electro-acoustic instrument

Curated by Jane Crowe
*The Art Gallery of Knoxville*
317 N Gay St.
Knoxville, TN 37917
TEL: +1 978 857 0474
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