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marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Apr 27 10:56:51 CEST 2007

I know where you are coming from...

I have been arguing against the conolisation of net art by just a few 
'net.artists' for years.

I have also been against this notion of a 'heroic period', a myth 
designed by those who used the (.) in net art (net.art), their greed for 
popularity was only for the few.

For me it was a depressing experience, especially when a couple of my 
personal friends who I had been creating projects with in 96 started 
building for high profiles via certain academics and exploiting my own 
energies for their own fame. Getting known is not the issue here though, 
it is more that many other net artists at that time were not supported 
and were left out of the picture (deliberately) by a small group - in 
order to claim a trophy in the history books, whilst isolating their 
firends and peers systematically.

I feel that the net.art gang (not net art) actually brought about the 
decline of net art generally, by creating mythologies that it was 'they' 
alone who were worth being considered by institutions certain academics. 
A devious strategy which in vision was myopic and bared no thought for 
the growth of net art as a whole. We also should remember that these 
individuals also tried to say that net art was dead in 1999. This 
decline or tactical shift was around the same time of the dot.com crash. 
Which, of course was not true in reality, to those thousands of others 
who were just getting on with it making anyway. This helped to make more 
solid (the mythology) regarding their own positoning in the history 
books, and for creating a more accessible place for themselves in 
galleries and for selling their works. It was tactical and of course 
about individuals rather then the culture as a whole...

Many have used the term 'net.art', to represent their own genre or 
practice as opposed to 'net art', yet were not actively or directly part 
of the 'net.art heroic period mythlogy'. They were just around doing 
interesting excellent stuff at the same time - so today it is really 
tough for those who had their own histories distorted also by the few.

So, its complicated - especially for those who are confused about net 
art history anyway. I feel that we need to move on from dwelling about a 
few misguided individuals, and spend more of energies in concentrating 
on those who really deserve our respect and support - which of course, 
is each other.

Times are changing and history is and will be re-evalauted, thankfully - 
and such hegemonies will be contested as part of a much larger movement. 
Because people like myself (and hopefully others) who were also doing 
net art stuff at that time will offer alternative experiences relating 
to net art history.

I have forgiven my 'net.art' friends in the UK, every now and then I 
work with them on some projects. One has to let things go after a while 
because such resentment can also distort one's own perspectives and then 
create their own mythologies...


i don't agree, jimpunk doesn't remember me jodi,

in the last video works, reminds me to the great nam june paik.

i hate jodi, in fact, i just can't stand him... him and some others...

in net art, i "hate" more people who is acting as net-artist and 
esqueezing the concept in order to be named that... because it's so cool 
to be named netartist... that doesn't make the point. i would write here 
more names, but what for? i just don't want them to be in me, so i 
forgot the names...

i can't hate: it would give to the people i dislike a sort of power from 
me, and i just want to give myself to people i like, like jim or some 
artists of this list + auriea, always, of course...

maybe there are lots of net-art histories, written by every one of us...

my net-art history began with hell collective.

i would be cruel with jodi in this mail, but it doesn't make point either...

jimpunk video works remember me in some way to nam june paik's experiments,

and i feel very sorry for 
That-People-Who-Is-Well-Positioned-In-Net-Art-World, and try to make us 
think that what they write is specially important to current net art 
situation, making their living out of it like parasites...


The Art Gallery of Knoxville escribió:

 > http://theartgalleryofknoxville.com/logo-w-jimpunk.gif
 >  B Y JIMPUNK !   
 >  MAY 1 - 26
 > http://theartgalleryofknoxville.com/jimpunk3.gif
 > http://theartgalleryofknoxville.com/jimpunk4.gif
 > May 1 - 26 The Art Gallery of Knoxville is excited to
 > present the work of artist jimpunk.
 > http://www.jimpunk.com/
 >  OPENING FRIDAY MAY 4 - 6 - 11pm  
 > jimpunk is a French artist - working as a "net activist"
 > broadcasting content online and around the world.
 > This exhibition will present an installation centered
 > around the net/video work of DVblogH4ck:
 > http://dvblogh4ck.blogspot.com/
 > http://theartgalleryofknoxville.com/jimpunk1.gif
 > The work will be on view in the Gallery May 1 - 26,
 > Friday and Saturday (3-8pm).  Please join us for the
 > opening party Friday May 4.
 > jimpunk has participated in various international new media 
festivals, including Rhizome Artbase 101 for New Museum of Contemporary 
Art, runme.org festival, European Media Art Festival, break21_6th 
International Festival of Young Emerging Artists, FILE-2002 electronic 
language international festival, Impakt Festival 2002, machida museum 
art on the net 2002. Winner of the CYNETart_award 2004 
-Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau in 2004.
 > His work may be found in the 2004 book "Internet Art" by Rachel 
Greene, published by Thames & Hudson.
 > for more information on jimpunk:
 > http://www.jimpunk.com/info/jimpunk_bio.txt
 > The image
 > "jimpunk, is a talented and elegant artist who capitalises
 > on the Rococo potentialities of HTML, JavaScript and Flash
 > to create sites of infinite variability, detail and unending
 > surprise. His works have been perfectly described by
 > Tricia Fragnito as 'a web version of a roller coaster ride:
 > scary and fun and at the end you want to go again.' "
 > "In true networked style, jimpunk often works collaboratively
 > across geographical space, and produces sites which
 > exploit the unique experience of net browsing. He
 > embraces the pixel and what some would call "bad web
 > design" using web safe colour, pop up and flashing graphics
 > in works like www.-reverse.-flash-.-.back-; and in one of my
 > favourites the now offline www.nowar.nogame.org . Although
 > his breed of network art may have had an early Jodi-esque
 > influence, we can see from the intimate and poetic musing
 > of 1n-0ut [meditation], it has grown up to be distinctively
 > 'jimpunk.' "
 > Melinda Rackham,2005-04-25
 > Posted to http://rhizome.org/thread.rhiz?thread=17114&page=1
 > *********************
 > photography project with migrant farmworker youth
 > and local 4-H children in rural TN
 > playing three miles of wall along the Arizona/Sonora
 > border as an electro-acoustic instrument
 > Curated by Jane Crowe
 > *********************
 > The Art Gallery of Knoxville
 > 317 N Gay St.
 > Knoxville, TN 37917
 > TEL: +1 978 857 0474
 > www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com
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