[NetBehaviour] purple quadrant defuge6

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Dec 14 03:21:59 CET 2007


The stem of the 6 leans forward, ready to topple.
The stem of the 6 is retained by the entire and complete
calculus of capital.
The calculus of capital is thick, exhausted, is always
exhausted, is always singular, singularity, always
the point and paste of the thing.
The calculus is in opposition to glue holding disparate
parts together _as such._
The calculus of capital knows only the unary divide.
And the unary addition and the unary increment
and substitution. And the unary substitution.
In my weary world the head bobs uselessly.
It looks in the thick of things for clock and radio.
It pulls the sheets up and pulls the sheets down.
It wraps and unwraps the cadaver of the body.
Beware the thud of 6 and thud of capital.
What is ready to topple sooner or later topples,
sooner or later revives into disparate parts.
(What is ready to topple has the consistency of glue.)

Cuadrante morado - abierto ropon

(((purple quadrant - open gown) from Frida Kahlo, Diary))

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