[NetBehaviour] Upgrade! Lisbon in December featuring VJ Theory: Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne

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Fri Dec 14 17:13:47 CET 2007

Upgrade! Lisbon

19:00 @ Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea
R. Tenente Ferreira Durão 18B 1350-315 Lisboa

VJ Theory: Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne

www.vjtheory.net <http://www.vjtheory.net/> 

VJ Theory project intends to develop a community actively discussing and reflecting on philosophy and theory related with VJing and realtime performative practices. It is apparent, during workshops and discussions at Festivals and symposia, that practitioners of both VJing and Interactive Installations are moving on from problems with the practicalities of production to more complex ideas of how and why the process has, for example, significance for the viewer. This project and the associated publications, aim to bring together work by some of the foremost practitioners and academics in the field.? We aim to produce a body of work which, for the first time, will address these theoretical issues and place the practices of VJing and Interactive Installation, into a useful context. 

The website is a growing collection of articles, references, art projects,, a space for events and collaborative online projects, with contributors. 

VJ Theory has been developing areas for discussions both online (through the Small Projects activities) and offline (through discussions and presentations at symposia and festivals). 

At The Upgrade! Lisbon Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne will present the project and ways they have collaborated internationally and the alliances, which have formed supportive networks through an inclusive ethos framed around practitioners theory. 

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