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aquarius records: http://www.aquariusrecords.org/cat/rockpop159.html

SONDHEIM, ALAN Ski/nn (Fire Museum) cd 14.98
Yes, this is a brand new recording by the same Alan Sondheim who made records on ESP and Riverboat in the late 1960's. A multi-intrumentalist, a poet and a visual artists, Sondheim has been making culture a little more interesting and innovative for the last four decades. Ski/nn finds his fingers navigating vintage instruments like a 19th century parlor guitar and a prime alpine zither from the 1920's. The results are so amazing! Primitive psych-folk that is sometimes really pretty and at other times freaked out and menacing. Sharing a similar spirit and freedom as the late Derek Bailey. Short pieces that together create a ghostly and timeless sensation.

available now! fm-07 & 08
alan sonheim - ski/nn
what we live w/ saadet turkoz - sound cathcer

fire museum records
po box 42318
philadelphia, pa 19101 usa

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