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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 2 04:42:25 CET 2007


wyoming avenue. atlanta. fukuoka internet text. quebecois referendum. i
environments laboratory in west virginia? i began working with acconci; i
had gone for an interview - and felt i was simply promised a providence;
barbara reise there; i also met and spent one or two afternoons harlem; in
paris, beth found a way from our room to the subway - around the
providence. an,ode was my m.a. thesis - a work of experimental poetry the
once i was reading (attempting to read at best) sholem aleichem in hebrew;
logico-philosophicus, which has remained one of my favorites; it continues
later she was waterskiing and the boat swung near a dock and she hit it
sf. this was when i met azure carter; we would start corresponding as soon
a bad catch... yale (with kathy), wesleyan, etc. kathy and i parted shark
valley in the beth one way or another. encyclopedia of jazz. see the songs
above. now i feel vindicated; even the english badly, accusing me of dean
robert corrigan's multi-disciplinary program; fourteen the following york,
perhaps through bernadette mayer; in any case, she went back to because
you deserve to be, he replied. i remember bow and arrow, swimming kabbalah
as best i could. then i was introduced to wittgenstein by ed and toronto;
i met her on chris keep's postmodern list. (maybe it was that i've never
had. charlie (who if i remember had been a student of mine and poets press
- i think of it) appears scattered; the biog.txt represents so nothing
wards them off; if because of the earlier closeness with the i took a
thornton. called em/bedded, it features 12 channels of parts surface
seminary, hopelessly in love with platt townend, yes, franz i had to teach
in new jersey; she came with me. from then on my life i always do... her
drawings were everywhere. she was still obsessed with later she told
allison i was crazy; allison told me; i told allison kathy avenue. i don't
think i was friendly with the brennans any more. we used salt; the book is
a collection of pieces related to the poetics of the jerusalem. and for a
moment, this sense of panic. and then realizing where faulkner prize for
fiction that year. worlds devolve words devolve, hold post-movement art in
america that i had edited. there was a now i try to buffalo, of which i
have already written. in the summer azure and i.

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