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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 2 12:55:50 CET 2007

sutra spurt ()

At YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_Z70rv0cHA (Try this; the file 
uploaded, but seems to hang on loading at the client side. Hopefully this will 
work; if not, please go to the URL below. Apologies - The more I use YouTube, 
the worse it seems to get; it's not handling the volume.)

http://www.asondheim.org/spurt.mp4 larger file

pump,AUM splay,AUM split,AUM splash,AUM splatter. Heidegger dissolves to
hello mode of language splatters,AUM splitting the imago spitting and
spattered. heads splat splattered against cotton pavement where little
knees won't The liminal is between the name and spattered/splattered
language; it On talk just before cumming,AUM systems crashed and letters
splattered onto Imagine the facts stormed,AUM splattered against the
sidewalk,AUM an exhausted truth emerges from my holes.
sputter splatter
and every margin. Wherever I reach,AUM my fingers splatter lightning and
electrical drops; what drops,AUM splatters: one might say,AUM almost zero
removing file hell,AUM stutter splatter hell,AUM signal stopping hell but
also mght create a resdue or splatter,AUM almost alve bounced now the time
of thermal heating splatters a particular zero the hallmarks of confusion
or "splatter" which,AUM while not quite spam,AUM girl,AUM voice splattered
across gouged trachea. Gnaw! Gnaw! Jennifer's rain,AUM noise splattered
across satellite dishes,AUM stratospheric gouges and again,AUM splintering
alan's eye,AUM splattered against the further alan hands bleed,AUM drops
splatter under the full effect and force of gravitation Cosmos are full of
partobjects,AUM splatterphenomena,AUM dispersions without are you
satisfied with your arms .concealed in you,AUM my splattered fingers
   their bodies are splattered,AUM arms shattered,AUM legs spattered,AUM
ajar couch splattered,AUM shattered,AUM legs spattered,AUM scattered,AUM
necks Electrical drops;  what drops,AUM splatters one might say,AUM almost
zero skitter,AUM splatter,AUM etc. Scanner inverts the series,AUM spackle
and splattered or spotted landscape. Deep within the throat the
elements,AUM the referent "splatters"  it's difficult to contain,AUM and
thin edge of the picture splatters from the wall,AUM reassembles at every
splatter as content; it's as if the thetic confined itself to a certain
sure is something,AUM is already gone,AUM broken,AUM splattered,AUM
sputtered,AUM splin tered,AUM spurted.

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    asondheim (17 minutes ago)
    Am I the only one having loading difficulties recently? This was shot
    in Geneva w/ Maud, Foofwa, Filibert, 2006.

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