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marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jan 3 00:26:15 CET 2007

Hi Michael,

I really like this video piece - you've captured something quite special 

It reminds me of when I used to work in a homeless hostel (in London for 
about 10 years), and I had to leave early one evening after having a 
chaotic fight with a drug crazed male possessing a hammer. He had 
already bashed another homeless resident in the head with it earlier on, 
and I chased him around the building with Eileen, a friend who also 
worked there. After much noise, comotion and blood - we got him and the 
police got there in time to take him away. We were both unharmed.

Soon afterwards, another staff member was kind enough to let me go and 
ordered me a taxi. I left the building to stand outside and get some 
much needed air, on Rosebury Avenue, Endell St (near Covent Garden). I 
was in a daze, watching people walk by me as I felt distant from 
everything that was happening - for they had no idea what I had just 
experienced of course. Everything seemed like a dream, and when the taxi 
finally turned up I just sat in the vehicle silent, as it drove me away. 
My senses were alert yet ambient at the same time; the noise out there 
whilst the window was open, it felt like a visualscape + soundscape from 
a film. Everything felt hyper-real as well as like a dream, all was 
gently gliding about and around me, it was all just moving on by. I was 
in a state of shock, but with a type of blissfullness had overcome me at 
the same time.

Scary, yet magical - I'd recommend it to anyone ;-)


>has music, quite big - 36.2MB; sort of a found-dance.
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