[NetBehaviour] Imaging the City: Call for Participation.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jan 3 19:12:29 CET 2007

Imaging the City: Exploring the Practices & Technologies of Representing 
the Urban Environment in Human-Computer Interaction.

Call for Participation:

Recent technological developments mark the city as a central and perhaps 
special space for human-computer interaction research and practice. 
Visions of ubiquitous computing, the resonance of the ‘urban probe’, and 
the proliferation of interactive mapping services speak to the 
significance of the urban landscape to studies of Human-Computer 
Interaction. But such visions and technologies require, produce and 
reproduce images of urban space that influence what these systems, and 
our interactions with them, are and might be. Developing and employing 
technologies for the urban environment requires visualization techniques 
that both reflect and challenge how we image, and consequently imagine, 
the city.

This one-day workshop will explore the practices and technologies of 
imaging the urban environment, bringing together an interdisciplinary 
array of designers, HCI experts, urban planners and technologists to 
investigate such issues as:

* How do we represent the city in HCI, and how do these representations 
inform HCI research and practice?
* What kinds of technological devices, services, and platforms support 
imaging the city now and might be created in the near future?
* How are and might these new representations of the city and urban 
imaging technologies be used for social and political ends?
* What new methods are required for developing technologies that image 
the city in new ways?
* What can we learn from the urban experience to design stronger 
representations and interfaces within HCI research and practice?

We welcome position papers from HCI practitioners, architects, 
visualization specialists, urban planners, futurists and artists. Sample 
topics might include:

* Novel design and use of interactive mapping technologies
* ‘Mashups’ and other user-driven combinations of imaging, information 
and location-based technologies and services
* Urban surveillance technologies: their uses, abuses and implications
* Urban environmental sensing: the social, technical and visualization 
and opportunities
* The design and design implications of GPS-enabled/location-aware devices
* Flickr photosharing, photoblogs and the geo-coding of images


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