[NetBehaviour] Government Funding Available

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jan 3 19:15:02 CET 2007

Sorry about this one everyone...

This is a spam mail that somehow got through...


>                      **ADVERTISEMENT**
>Press Release
>The American Grants and Loans Book is now 
>available. This publication contains valuable
>information with more than 1500 financial 
>programs, subsidies, scholarships, grants 
>and loans offered by the United States federal 
>It also includes over 700 financing programs 
>put forth by various Foundations and Associations 
>across the United States.
>Businesses, students, individuals, municipalities, 
>government departments, institutions, foundations 
>and associations will find a wealth of information 
>that will help them with their new ventures or
>existing projects.
>What you get:
>-Description of Grant available
>-Url to government website
>-Full mailing address
>-Phone and fax number
>The Canadian Subsidy Directory is also available 
>for Canada.
>CD version: $69.95
>Printed version: $149.95
>To order please call: 819-322-7533
>If you do not wish to receive communication from us 
>in the future please write "agl" in the subject line 
>to: rem at call.org
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