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Can you explain this text,
Is the notion that it is some way art mean that it has no meaning other than
its feel.
I cant believe trhat in this day and age of over communication that we
should pick our way through such nonsense.
Do we have too much information, I think we do
I enjoy this list but find the constant bombardment by you sometimes
overwhelming and I wondered if this would be a TOPIC of conversation on this


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the digital is sublime, infinite {avatars are backed, at the back of
infinite space}

digital {0,1} constitutes a spectrum degree zero; if one is below, 0
is above; if 0 is below, 1 is above. since nothing exists between one
and the other, nothing from one is attainable by the other; one and
the other are mutually sublime. the backs of avatars are against the
wall of digital space; there's nowhere left to go.

understand this and you understand the phenomenology of the digital-
in-relation, the analog-in-relation.

http://www.asondheim.org/erhu.wav chinese erhu with echo and filtering
beautiful music

http://www.asondheim.org/godandnumbers.mp3 shortwave numbers station
colliding with religious preaching, filtered transmission
beautiful sound

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