[NetBehaviour] erhu

dymond at idirect.ca dymond at idirect.ca
Sat Jan 6 04:40:56 CET 2007

I have always found Alan's posting original, creative and personal.
It's a quality I really enjoy.
I hope he continues to post, I have followed his work on various listservs
for years.
If I had to choose between his expressive posts and your cluttered email,
he wins hands down.
Many of us post ludicrous messages, and out of that firmanent comes
creative expression, for better or worse. But always for thought.
As a complete aside
Apologies to Curt, I am initiating a new website dedicated to scandal and
slander in the Net Arts.
(see slanderous.org and slanderous.net in about a week, the template is
just up)
I know you are not a Bush supporter, but thought you'd catch on right away.
Sorry for the bad New Years message.

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