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Sat Jan 6 22:58:30 CET 2007


I struggle to get any meaning out of perhaps half to three quarters of
alan's posts. Some I enjoy, some maybe for the wrong reasons. There was
a while back, one called Close


which has stuck in my mind, relevant here.


On 6/1/2007, "Michael Szpakowski" <szpako at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Your first e mail:
><I cant believe trhat in this day and age of over
> communication that we
> should pick our way through such nonsense>
>This one:
><and that because of my lack of
> understanding they appear as
> nonsense>
>spot the difference in tone! - if you didn't mean to
>sound like you were advocating censoring Alan ( & by
>implication anyone else on this list whose work
>happens to displease you, or who, in your opinion,
>posts too much ) then you should think more carefully
>about how you express yourself.
>--- leon at c6.org wrote:
>> I neither asked for him to be stilled or censored,
>> just explained
>> I stated that I felt bombarded by his mails
>> Confused and that because of my lack of
>> understanding they appear as
>> nonsense, I think your mail has shed little light as
>> to their meaning
>> but perhaps alan may
>> leon

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