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Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 10 02:15:36 CET 2007

I absolutely agree about Geert's work. It's great.
His industry is the enemy of his fame -shamefully, I
just soak it up each week almost without thinking...
Thinking over this made me think about how naturally
the multiple-over-time, the series, sits on the web.
It's often detailed, intimate, work: Geert, your work,
toegristle, MANIK, Brad Brace...not to mention all the
folk who are vlogging..Shannon Noble & Charlene Rule
particularly spring to mind...
I think this has roots in some simple material factors
-the size & closeness of the monitor makes for quite a
worked-over, lapidary approach, the fact most of us
work at home imparts, or makes a pole of attraction, a
diaristic (in its broadest sense) approach & then
there's the simple fact of the web, both content
addressable & a kind of broadcast...both weirdly like
& weirdly unlike anything before.. 

--- Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:

> I want to thank Michael and Geert both, Marc also -
> for supporting my 
> work. I do think it's way past time for a
> consideration of Geert's work - 
> I know Michael has feedback on webartery (and gives
> feed- back), but 
> Geert's consistent and poetic output needs
> attention. Even though he 
> produces 'pieces' real or virtual (and he certainly
> problematizes the 
> distinction), he's also working through - at least
> for me - architectures 
> which meld into one another temporally and spatially
> - the pieces are now, 
> are in the future, might have been in the past.
> There are references to 
> the whole history of conceptualism, but also the
> histories of bodies and 
> spaces. And that's coupled with a narrative of deep
> 'wit' that goes way 
> beyond cleverness. Finally, he's been able to work
> through a form that 
> really is part and parcel of the Web - and is one of
> the few 'artists' to 
> have done so. The references to the artworld are
> clear, but they open up 
> to unfathomable inner virtualities that we
> participate in simply by 
> viewing!
> - Alan (another sleepless night, hopes this makes
> sense)
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