[NetBehaviour] Being hacked by pooch humpers and loving it.

Jason Nelson newmediapoet at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 13 06:01:29 CET 2007

Being hacked by pooch humpers and loving it. 
  As an artist I’ve made a breakthrough, of sorts. After having one of my little used art sites hacked then littered with strange codes, my subsequent clumsy “investigation” uncovered my rarely updated domain was listed as one of the top sites for such glorious search strings as Horsey, Beasty, Doggy humping/smexing/fudging (and other fun hobbies). While I initially felt violated and angry, I decided to use their code and google work against them, and I could just taste (maybe not taste) a new sticky fingered and dog smelling audience slobberingly waiting to experience my artwork. All 50,000 of the piggy boinkers. 

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