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MemoryPodd BETA software [MEMEPODD] creates a user-defined reality version
of memory construct files (*.podd) in avatar_compatible models (Tars). Later
versions of MEMEPODD are expected to have different
reality_layer_field_encoding with AI geared towards autonomy rather
re-creation. convertoutpodd is a command line utility to convert *.podd
files created with MEMEPODD to TAR manifestations that correspond exactly
with a users desired model.

Before uploading the *.podd files, they must be converted to the TAR
manifestation format, otherwise your model will operate in a recursion loop
[ie non-synergistic and low-reality user response levels].


Welcome To Memory_Podd!

Ever felt like your lost true love would always come home? Missing your
departed Dad or Mom? Want to have Buster, the dog you had when you where 13,
come play fetch again?

Well, you're in the right place!

Memory_Podd allows clients to recreate past relationships with significant
others all through realistic state-of-the-art interactive modelling. We
strive to bridge reality gaps that allowed people (or animals) from your
past slip out of your life. How do we do this? Through the creation of a
permanent remembered version of your Tar (your chosen significant other)
through modelling a real-time entity with which you can play, talk, hold and


Volume 1: Podding Principles and Policies
Volume 2: Creating Your Tar: Will It Hurt?
Volume 3: Tar Driving Operations
Volume 4: Closed-Circuit Tar Creation: Accurate Replication Contract
Volume 5: My Tar is Thinking for Itself! Help!


_TarBlog A Entry #45_

....he keeps stretching my back till it cracks, till it almost snaps.... i
keep telling him if i'm gonna be crouched over like this all the time my
muscles will do that, but all he can say, over N freakin over, is how _the
real_ TarA would straighten up every time, "straight as a sodding rod even
after 10 hrs".


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